My name is Monika Manocha Wadhwa and I am very much grateful to Raksha Ji who did Vastu Joy for us . I had consulted Rakshaji for home vastu few months ago and I got the lifetime value of service in return . She is very patient, approachable, a good listener, quickly catches the point, and understands the problem. I knew about this subject but I was confused how to use Vastu and how is this applicable in the United States . Rakshaji made everything so simpler by teaching us step by step, she guided us in making small changes and was always patient to explain all our questions to the best of her knowledge with the proper logical explanation. During this process, I also learned many things since she mentioned the pros and cons about the use of one color over other in some areas which was really helpful . I recommend this course to all the residents, who want to build their house, or have some health issues,  job or career finding issues, stress or some relationship problems to consult Rakshaji Ji and get your house plans corrected in a simple way without making major changes or rebuilding to mitigate the issues.


Before starting your dream house, spend some quality time and money to seek the right person's advice like Rakshaji Ji who is aware of how western countries build houses.


I have seen immense change in my life after doing her course and she is an amazingly genuine person who just not works for money but also for the well-being of the clients. There is always a good vibe and positive energy flow when spoken to Rakshaji . From the bottom of our heart I thank Rakshaji for guiding us and for keeping in touch.


Monika Manocha Wadhwa - Boston - USA.

This course is great for anyone who is  passionate about using ancient knowledge from Hindu vedas to create happiness and success in life. Raksha ji is a great teacher- in just a short period of time, I learned how to look for directions and their effects, make a bar chart using simple techniques, and apply the principles without any fear of doing things incorrectly. She teaches the course with humor and insight and overall makes it so interesting that you will begin to cultivate your desire to apply the methods that you learn in class. I gained more from the course than I anticipated and I had high expectations and now I hope to share my knowledge with friends and family. Raksha ji, I am grateful for your patience and knowledge in presenting the materials.


-Ramneek S, Belmont MA


I will recommend everyone to take this class; right from experienced to someone who has no experience in Vastu. Also, if you are going through a difficult time in your life; take this class because there is a solution that is very simple and you will see the change immediately. Even if you have taken Vastu consultation from anyone and think they have done a good job; take a moment and learn from Raksha ji. No one knows your life; your family and your house more than you; so take the charge of yourself. Take this class and learn a different way to experience Vastu and learn about yourself, your family and your house.

I took this class after I read a very dear friend’s testimony; I am so glad I took the class. Raksha Ji is an amazing teacher; she teaches Vastu in a scientific way and comes to a level that is understood by everyone. She is true to her words; you can reach her any time as many times during the
learning phase and; after the classes are over. She will patiently answer the questions and never judge you or your situation. She will not bring her personal stories everywhere or give life lessons or only talk about her success. She doesn’t spoon-feed but will ask you to think and understand.

She is someone who will make you so comfortable that you will feel like asking questions and open to her; she is very welcoming and motherly.
During the class, our group became very close to each other and started to help each other under Raksha Ji’s guidance. We have a Learning group but we discuss a lot outside the group as well; Vastu friends who we have met yet but we care about each other. For example, if someone wants to correct her toilet; the question will be put in the group; all will review notes and put their answers then Vastu Guru will help us. So, we are learning, concretizing our knowledge and our mentor is right next to us if we make a mistake.
Every class is so relatable to your life and situation; the good news is that they is a solution…. which Raksha ji will teach you. Take her class to believe this. This is a very honest testimony coming from my heart.


A. H, Billerica MA (name withheld on request but available to share her experience offline)

I have taken Vastu course with Raksha. She is very knowledgable, patient and approachable. Her thinking is logical, and she goes above and beyond to make sure that we understand the details of Vastu and how to apply the knowledge correctly. What I learned from the course was much higher than my expectation. I highly recommend her.


S. K, Lexington MA (name withheld on request but available to share her experience offline)


I was always curious about the Vastu Shastra and wanted to learn from a trusted source, so I happily joined when I learned about Vastu classes conducted by Rakshaji, whom I have known for a long time. Rakshaji took us patiently through the intricate details of Vastu shastra and explained every detail in simple language. She made herself available to answer any questions we had after classes and helped us identify issues, and suggested simple remedies to fix them. Her passion, knowledge, and way of teaching put my mind at ease and made each lesson enjoyable and educational.


Manisha S, Billerica MA