In-Person Classes

For ages 5 and above (children, youth and adults)


Combine your interest in art with all the fun of a traditional in-person learning devoted to taking your skills further. Receive the instruction, guadance and creative support, while having fun at the same time. Students will create work from live or refrence pictures and receive instruction based on their own skill level. Sessions are designed for every interest and age group, and we have different themes and a variety of options to select from. 


The classes and workshops are on only for vaccinated children, and you have to provide proof of vaccination in order to confirm your registration. The seating is limited, it is first come first served.


Note: 4-6 students are required to conduct any classes or workshops. If we cancel class due to not having enough registrations or any other reason, you'll get 100% refund. We can also customize a class, if you have a group of 6+ students.

In-Person Classes

For ages 5 and above (vaccinated children only, youth and adults)


We will resume in-person classes in winter-spring of 2023.


In-person classes are great for the students exploring different mediums, themes and enjoy personal interactions.  We use dry coloring mediums for beginner and beginner to intermediate levels, and slowly move to wet mediums, when they are ready.  Students choose what they want to do, there are some sample pictures listed below from our big selection. Our goal is to get the best from all our students. 


We provide all art supplies needed for their learning. Students leave their space neat and tidy when they leave. It usually takes multiple classes to complete the artwork. Students work at their own pace and comfort level, we are focused on quality and learning.


The classes are 1 hour, so be punctual to get the best experience. We DON'T have a waiting room, it's parent's pick up and drop off only. Please contact and let us know in advance if someone else is picking up your child. 


NOTE: In-person classes will run only if we have at least 4-6 students enrolled for the session. I will confirm before we start the FALL session on September 1st.


There is 10% discount available if you enroll and make payment before Sunday, Aug 28th OR join as a group of 3.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the location on the class:

The classes are held at 1 Stonehill Cir, Burlington MA 01803


What Ages is this for?

In-person classes are for children ages 5 and above. The classes are mix of different levels, but the reference artwork will be based on their level. In general, we have 3 different levels. Beginners level kids classes are great for children ages 5 and above. Beginner to intermediate level classes are more suitable for kids 7 and above and intermediate level classes are for kids 9 and above. This is just a generic guideline, but we go with their actual level in the class.


What supplies are needed?

You don't need to bring anything, we provide all art supplies in the class. Children take the work home after completion. They are responsible for keep their space clean in the classroom.


Do you offer free intro classes for new students?

We sometimes offer a free trial class for the new students, registration is required even for free trials. We will inform you when we have an open slot in the class. Send a message at if you have any further questions.


What if I have more than 1 kid that wants to join? 

We give 10% discount for siblings and a group of 3 or more. 


What if I have to miss a class?

If you know you are going to miss a class, you must notify me 48 hours ahead of time via email. There are no refunds for missed classes. But a missed class can be applied as credit for a future class.